Sisteme complete pentru calibrarea si reglarea cheilor dinamometrice

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Cod: 7706

Prod: Stahlwille

Clasa:   Profesionale

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Calibration is the regular examination of the accuracy and reliability of torque tools.
This is done using special-purpose calibrating equipment which is subject to stringent monitoring.
This is essential because torque tools are precision instruments which are very often in use in safety-relevant environments.
They are expected to provide the same level of accuracy in their readings reliably over long periods of time.
In order to ensure these standards are guaranteed, it is essential that examination by means of calibration takes place at regular intervals and is documented.

1. Mechanical loader
The mechanical loader is required for rapid, accurate fixing and operation of the torque wrench.
The mechanical loader also ensures that the DIN EN ISO 6789 requirement for clicking torque wrenches is fulfilled, i.e. that, above 80 % of the final torque value, the force is applied slowly and steadily within a period of 0.5 to 4 seconds.

2. Transducer
The torque applied using the torque wrench is digitalised within the transducer and transmitted via USB cable to the PC, which ensures errorfree transmission.

3. USB hub and USB cable
Up to 5 transducers can be connected to the USB hub.
From here, the data are transferred to the PC.

4. Cable
You will require 1 cable fitted with jack plugs for each transducer which is permanently connected up.

5. Square drive adapter
The set includes the square drive adapters necessary to make full use of the measuring range of the transducers; e.g. for transducer No 7723-3 (internal square drive 3/4”),
square drive adapter No 7787 (1/4” female to 3/4” male), No 7788 (3/8” female to 3/4” male) and No 7789 (1/2” female to 3/4” male).

6. Software
The data received in this way can then be used to issue a calibration certificate in accordance with DIN/ISO 6789.

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Informatii utile

Putem furniza diverse configuratii de testere, standuri analogice sau digitale pentru verificarea sau calibrarea surubelnitelor si cheilor dinamometrice. Recomandate pentru utilarea laboratoarelor de verificari metrologice, laboratoarelor de certificari sau pentru diverse aplicatii din mediul profesional.

Ofertele vor fi personalizate in functie de necesitatile de exploatare.
Asiguram recertificare si recalibrare periodica.

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